Geoengineering: A solution to climate change?

Climate Change scientists are now considering whether humanity should try to modify the Earth’s climate to avoid the predicted drastic rise in global temperatures.
“There’s definitely a shift under way from [geoengineering] being a sort of science-fiction oddity to [it being] something that is a strategy being considered,” says Jamais Cascio, an environmental futurist and a research fellow at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, CA.
Cascio published a book on geoengineering, “Hacking the Earth,” last year. Two more books on the subject will be published soon.  And both the British Parliament and U.S. Congress are conducting investigations.
But the science of “geoengineering” is a little explored so far. The ethical and legal ramifications are also daunting.
Most scientists insist such schemes should be attempted only after careful consideration and only as a last resort if disastrous climate changes begin to be felt. And they should never be a substitute for reducing emissions. At best, geoengineering represents a “thumb in the dike” – a temporary and partial solution.
As Cascio puts it, “It’s a stay of execution, not a pardon.” Read more from the Christian Science Monitor.


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